National Reserve (Reserva Nacional de Tambopata)—a massive tract of humid tropical rainforest in the department of Madre de Dios are located either aloof Tambopata or Madre de Dios rivers. The National Reserve covers 275,000 (nearly 680,000 acres), while the entire area, including the Bahuaja- Sonene in Tambopata Tours.

3930510637_ca9cf2b79e_oTambopata Tours.- Park encompasses some 1.5 million hectares (3.7 million acres) of Amazonian the Peruvian government prohibited hunting and logging in the area in 19 77 and created the reserve, then called the Tambopata- Candamo Reserve Zone, in 1990- one-third the size of Costa Rica, Tambopata has more species of birds (595) terflies (more than 1,200) than any place of similar size on earth.


This is our map showing location of our lodging and places you are visiting in our tour located inside the reserve tambopta as the  Macaw Clay Lick chuncho ,  Macaw Clay lick of colorado and parrot Clay Lick and cataracts cat l Estring great diversity of flora and fauna refuge as our Peruvian Amazon, parrots, Macaws, Giant River Otters , Birds, Monkeys, Tapir , Caima, turtles, ect

mapa site in tambopata tours for sandoval lakeHOW TO GET TO THE CITY OF PUERTO MALDONADO (TAMBOPATA CANDAMO)

Visits to lodges here are considerably more accessible than those in Manu. Involve flying a half-hour from Cusco and then boarding a boat and traveling by 45 minutes up to 5 hours to reach a jungle lodge. Primary lodges are those that travelers can get to the same day they arrive by plane in Puerto Maldonado. Although imprints are slightly more noticeable in the Tambopata region, the area remains one of superb environmental diversity, with a dozen different types of forest and several gorgeous oxbow lakes. Environmentalists claim that Tambopata is great diversity of wildlife is due to its location at the confluence of lowland Amazon forest with

Ecosystems. At least 13 endangered species are found here, including the 2° giant armadillo, harpy eagle, and giant river otter. The farther one travels from puerto Maldonado, the greater the chances of significant wildlife viewing.

Tambopata Tours in Sandoval Lake:

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The Tambopata Tours Macaw Clay Lick (macaw lick) within the reserve is one of the largest deposits of natural clay in the country and one of the thousands of relief wildlife macaws and parrots bright colors arrive daily at the cliffs salts minerals found on the River every morning tambopata gather to eat the clay so they clean all the green and poisonous fruits every day are fed as small and large, female and male

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Most visitors prearrange to Tambopata tours in Cusco or in their country although one could also book a lodge visit by stopping in the local offices of travel agents and tour operators (though have more information and opportunity to compare offerings). Access to Tambopata is by boat from Puerto Maldonado. Packages begin with  arrangements 3-days/2-night  4-days/3-night  5-days/4-nightpackages are preferable. Lodge stays generally allow visitors to variety of trees, plants, and birds, but sightings of wild mammals, apart from and otters are rare. Large and rare species such as jaguars and tapirs are infrequently

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Tambopata Tours Research Center Gato Waterfall 3 days / 2 nights 

The Tambopata National Reserve is located in the Tambopata River Basin covering south of the Madre de Dios River Region (40% of the reserve) as well as Puno Region (60% of the reserve)! It was established in 1990 in order to protect adjacent forests around the Heath and Tambopata Rivers. There can be found two important ecosystems and 8 microclimates. Its rich biodiversity includes 103 mammal species, 1,300 butterfly species, 90 amphibian species and 41 tree families that contain 165 tree species! The reserve covers an area of 274,690 hectares. The climate is warm and humid with high annual rainfall.

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