TAMBOPATA ECOLODGE : Is called house typical of the forest that is built of palm leaves shelter all the heat of the Amazon locals construe all life home with this material called crisneja.

Tambopata Ecolodge is one of the best eco-tourism established on the banks of the Tambopata River that was founded in 1991. It is located in the heart of the Tambopata National Reserve and its remoteness and tranquility make our house the very perfect place to visit the rainforest of Tambopata Tours. It has a capacity of 59 guests in total, is also one of the smaller shelters. We believe that small groups contribute to a more satisfying visit Cute and reduce the impact on the many species of flora and fauna that abound in the nearby forest of Tambopata. We have a wide network of 25 K. M. of trails through the forest of Tambopata.

Convicted Lake and Lake Sachavacayoc : Gaps old meander channels are separated from the main river of the mother of God , by the effects of erosion and changing the course of the Tambopata River area . Near the lodge Tambopata ecolodge two systems oxbow lakes , the lake and Sachavacayoc Sentenced lake , which frequently visit in canoes hollowed tree built for relaxing views of the forest and wetlands of the Amazon rainforest of Tambopata .

The Macaw Clay Licks : We have to see to believe and observe a macaw clay lick in the early hours of dawn in Tambopata . After the first rays of light begin to bathe the eroded cliff face Tambopata River , hundreds of parrots and macaws of more than ten species flock and roost in trees near the river. They come in pairs or flocks of hundreds of macaw clay licks , depending on the species ( or varieties of species). Then, with a deafening uproar of flapping and squawking , begin to perch on the cliff to consume small particles of clay around the Peruvian jungle.

The lick of Chuncho : It is about 3 hours from the lodge Tambopata ecolodge . The advantage of this place is that it is the observation point that is closer to the other licks hostel in the jungle. The lick of Colorado, the largest ever discovered in the world , is located in the Tambopata River , about 6 hours Tambopata ecolodge hostel to watch.

Our Tours in Tambopata Ecolodge are:

  • Walking Tambopata ecolodge
  • Adventure sports in tambopata
  • Eco / nature / wildlife in Tambopata
  • Exploring canopies (canopy or zip line) tambopata
  • Guided Tours in Tambopata
  • Birdwatching in Tambopata
  • Rafting / kayaking on the river Tambopata
  • Visits to conservation projects in tambopata candamo
  • Volunteering / education / research tambopata
  • Taricayac projects, zipline, kayak



We have our adventure packages to Tambopata Ecolodge:


Tambopata EcoLodge Amazon Jungle 5 days /4 nights

tour adventure comes to do the full tour in the Amazon how are you activities we do, canopy walk way, zipline, kayak, piranha fishing, lake sandoval reserve where you can enjoy living nature and adventure

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Tambopata EcoLodge Rainforest 4 days / 3 nights

we focus more on our nature for the great diversity of species living within this Mazonia as reserve sandoval lake refuge many creatures as giant otters, macaws, monkeys, birds, toutugas, migratory birds

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Tambopata EcoLodge Jungle Tours 3 days / 2 nights

It is replacing the lick clay greater mind up palm trees that grow in lakes and rainforests, the dust of this plant are as minerals that cleanse or atuda digest digests macaws. Particularly Manan cocentran in palms eating dust

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