la ciudad perdida El Paititi

Legend of the Lost City The Païtiti: This ancient legend pass from generation to generation up to the time of the invasion and the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire, where there has been talk of an existence of pure gold, a city in the Amazon jungle , being the legendary Païtiti or City of Gold and has fabulous riches hidden backwoods Department of Madre de Dios .

Numerous search expeditions have been done to find the lost city in the forest, but none of the explorers have located it so far today.

He said about the Father Aza in his notes on the “History of Madre de Dios,” the Father Cenitagoya , also a Dominican missionary, informed him of respectable antiquity monuments found in a river expedition Pantiacolla when the Mission was established that the same name . These remains , of which not previously had any news , consist of rock inscriptions and recorded in a voltage paititi-ciudad-perdidaeleven meters long by two meters wide figures.

Greed and ambition of the Spanish conquistadors for gold and the desire to get rid of the Indians , led in the early years of the conquest to the proliferation of legends empires of fabulous riches of pure gold and beautiful women in the Inca empire, nestled in the dense Amazon jungle .

One of the most interesting stories of this type is the Empire Païtiti or city of gold, collected and first mentioned by Alvarez Maldonado to return his unfortunate adventure Madre de Dios river, or Amarumayo , which was the name that the Incas knew this river before the Spanish invasion .

The confused idea , which by then was in the region makes in contemporary accounts is attributed to the great rivers travels afield ( Madre de Dios , Manu river , river plains, Inambari river , the river stones. rio Tambopata , Heath river , Seine andother more ) . And so, on the left by Alvarez Maldonado version of his expedition in search of the lost city Paititi mix and confuse the Apurimac river , Cockaigne, JIRCAS , Amarumayo , etc. .

The fact is that according to this legend Païtiti , at the confluence of Madre de Dios and Beni, the Mantaro River, which was supposed to be prolonged into the interior of the Amazon rainforest , there was a rule of pure gold which had been originated in a28038_10151357035778665_676044638_nncient Incas , who in turn had failed later in an attempt to conquer their supposed ancestors of the Inca empire .

As had happened with previous legends , the myth of the golden city Paititi spread and led to many attempts to penetrate the rainforest of the region , also known as the Mojos region , part of which is now in the territory of Bolivia in search of the riches that were supposed to exist there but found nothing.

From Cochabamba and Santa Cruz also frequently out expeditions to explore the Amazon jungle in search of Paititi , activity that took unusual intensity when Païtiti legend is so widespread , most of the governors of Santa Cruz made ​​constant attempts to penetrate the Mojos region and reduce them.

Such was the interest that was put into these adventures that even the President of the Audiencia of Charcas, Juan de Guizarazu , prepared an expedition that did not perform, but originated to gather important documentation on all attempts hitherto been made and results.

The documents gathered , is the story of the healing of Mataca , Alcaya Felipe de Diego , who says that the Incas entered the region and held Mojos bloody struggles with Guarani invasions .

Alcaya also says that an Inca general and nephew of an emperor named Mango, managed to subdue Indians Païtiti and his empire grew to a large extent within the Amazon jungle.

The Conde de Castelar sent a reporter to the King , in which the region of Madre de Dios , Beni, Mamore and Andera and according to this sketch indicates , the central region of the Empire would be in Païtiti the confluence of the rivers Beni and Mamore in Bolivia ‘s area.

Despite numerous expeditions undertaken by the invaders to the area of ​​the Inca Empire Spanish course , never came to find evidence of its existence to be difficult to find that city and that is well hidden in the backwoods, and still nobody knows til this day.

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