GiantotterwithfishClimate of the Tours Tambopata Reserve: By definitions tropical rainforest tambopata are hot and wet and this fact playa a large park in planning way they are as special biologically as i shall discuss later but the first why are they hot and wet The sun shine most constantly and directly on the Ecuador lessening intensity as you travel father north or south the two tropics of cancer and Capricorn mark the boundaries of the with the tropics and all tropical rainforest worldwide occur within these boundaries the heat from the sun and overage of 27 C year round in Amazonia warm the surface of the hearth and the air above it this warm air rises taking with it water vapors (evaporated from the surfaces of leaves ,rivers and lake s) As the moisture laden air rises it also cools and clouds build up until they become too heavy with water and it rains You might thing it rains a lot where you live especially if you re English but here in the Amazon basin and overage of 2.000 mm (79 inches /meters) of rain falls each year with some places getting as much as three meters ,raining two hundred and fifty days out of three hundred and sixty five It is common misconception that the rain falls constantly and equally throughout the year in fact the Tours Tambopata rainforest that distinct wet and dry seasons this phenomenon is very important to its inhabitants trees lend to flower in the dry season and fruit in the wet in tambopata wet season start in October /November and finishes in march /April.

Tours Tambopata Reserve:

The forest experiences dramatic changes between these months the river rises tem meters or more With the onset of the first downpours bringing huge tree falls down river migrants from the north arrive to escape the harsh Winter of temperate regions one example being the beautiful swallow tailed kite which arrives in large numbers from North America in mid-October the forest seems even more lush and Green at the time and hums with increased activity with parts of it completely flooded the weather is marginally cooler (overage of 2 C less than in the dry season) and huge electrical storms roll over the tree tops the Andes mountains play and important role in the water cycle that governs the volume of water that falls in the basin of Tours tambopata reserve.

Tours Tambopata Reserve They act as a giant Wall to the west on the rainforest that little rains crosses creating a vast desert west of the rainforest that the combinations of this and the presence of the Brazilian and Guiana shields rainwater flowing out of the two hundred mile wide mouth of the amazon river, It is four times the amount of the next most voluminous river the congo in fact the Madeira River (into which both the Tours Tambopata Reserve and Madre Dios rivers empty via Beni in Bolivia) is only the second largest tributary of the amazon yet the sixth most voluminous river in the world In Tours Tambopata during the dry season, there are short periods of very cold weather.

These climatic anomalies are known as Friaje locally and are due to cold winds that originate in southern Chile the temperature at night can drop to 9 C which is a real shock to the inhabitants all the wildlife activity slows down during these periods which usually last no more than a few days temperatures soon rise to normal levels and activity levels resume a sunny day following a friaje is usually a really good time to see caiman. They lie out on the sandbars by the river warming their chilled bodies in tours tambopata.


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