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Amazon Trail Full Day

AMAZON  CAIMAN  is much rarer than it’s pale cousin and it grows up to six meters. It is by far the largest caiman in south America However , it has suffered greatly from hunting… Continue reading

Tambopata Tours Lodge 3 days/ 2 nights

Dense vegetation and lianas of secondary growth areas are your favorite places to sleep, offering them protection from predators such as hawks and tayra and probably contain high densities of insects on which… Continue reading

Amazon Peru-2 days/ 1 night

The Giant  River otter (Lutra longicaudis) is dark brown above, with creamy- coloured underparts. It feeds on fish and crustaceans in clear rivers and fast streams, and can be found throughout the Amazon… Continue reading


River turtles Sandoval Lke   have the ability to enter their heads inside the shell , so they were very vulnerable to predators . As the pressure from predators increased , a process of… Continue reading

Amazon Peru Sandoval Lake 2 days/ 1 night

If you are short of time, but you would not like to miss out a visit of Peruvian Rainforest, then this 2-day program is absolutely perfect to you!! Sandoval Lake is a… Continue reading

Amazon Trail Full Day


Along the shores of Sandoval lakes. Wattled Jacanas (Jacana jacana) often forage among the floating vegetation. Jacanas have enormously long toes and nails which work on the same principle as that… Continue reading

Jungle Tours 2 days / 1 Nights

Amazon Birds (Great Egret).- 

A Great Egret (Egretta alba) waits motionlessly alongside an oxbow shaped lake for any sudden movement that might indicate the presence of prey. Great Egrets feed mostly on… Continue reading

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